How to do changes in SAP Fiori odata service settings/deletion when required?

By | November 15, 2017

Dear SAP user, If your configuring the SAP Fiori Applications or Analytics or any other Web dynpro/Fact sheets, then you must should activate the respective odata services right.. Ok but there are lot of things and settings exist for the same. So here, you can deploy many ways for different requirements. Even also we have Sdata services for some  other requirements like Oauth for service.

For example : If you select the Oauth while activating the O-data services. But it can not work until unless you configured the Sdata server in system, whether it is Embedded & Central Hub deployment.


How to make changes in Odata service :

Step 1 :

  • Before doing changes in services, we need to deactivate the respective HTTP service. Because every O-data service having one child HTTP service.
  • It will generate & activated automatically at the time of activation.
  • You can easily remove the service by using SICF (SAP Internet Communication Framework)transaction code.
  • Once execute the t-code, enter the service name same as o’data service. Then execute again, will get it.
  • Every HTTP service name same as respective O’data service name.
  • For Example : I need to remove the srv : DAAG_DTG_SRV

Step 2 :

  • Now go to Active & maintain service screen by using the transaction as “/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE”
  • Then you need to remove the system alias of respective service. That may be LOCAL or Back end system alias.
  • Now you need to perform the third step.

Step 3 :

  • In this step, you can easily delete the complete odata’ service by selecting the respective service & click on delete button.
  • So that, it will remove the service data.

By doing all these steps, you are deleting only created customised service. But not actual data. So, hopefully create same service with required settings.



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