Introduction of Fiori Architecture in S/4 Hana

By | March 29, 2017

Hi friend..!! You would like to implement the SAP fiori in your SAP server. Let’s start to know here. I have experience with S/4 hana 1610 +Fiori. I did a lot of research on it. Here, actually it is good and enjoyed a lot because of, I have good knowledge on web developing.

So, I’m trying to share my knowledge with you all. Good luck to know it and glad to meet you to here.


As I mentioned in the above diagram, we have two options to implement SAP-Fiori. 1. Embedded deployment (method 1), 2. Central Hub deployment (method 2). So let’s start to know in detail & basic things for the same.

Basic Requirements : 

It’s starts with Add-on’s in SAP server. So, Let’s begin with those things. There are some few standard Add-on’s are available for this.

  1. SAP_UI – User interference Technology.
  2. SAPUIFT – UI front end implementation technology.
  3. UIAPFI70 – SFIN.
  4. UIMDG001 – UI for Master Data Governance .
  5. UIS4HOP1 – for S/4 Hana premise.
  6. UIX01CA1 – for Cross Applications.
  7. And some more also available.

Except first one, Everything will starts with installation process. Because, default it is available in back end SAP server(Observed in S/4). At initial installations of add-on’s are dependable on support packages with their patch level. But upgrade of these are not depend on any support packages. So, from upgrade on wards, these are in-dependable.

We have Some few important fiori transactions. By using these, we can activate the services and monitor the error logs of either front end or back end servers gateway and also for cache cleanup.

  • /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE  –  Activate & maintain service
  • /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG  –  SAP GW backend error log
  • /IEFND/ERROR_LOG  –  SAP gateway error log
  • /IWFND/GW_CLIENT  –  Gateway client
  • /IWFND/APPS_LOG  –  Front end App’s log
  • /IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP  –  Frontend cache cleanup

We can add above mentioned T-codes in to favorites, so that it shows like as below


Note : If suppose, you would like to use in transaction field, then you must and should give the prefix as “/n”. Then only it will accept.

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